Top Tips for Planning A Modern Jewish Destination Wedding


You’re planning that big important date. You want it to be extraordinary. Having a local wedding just isn’t going to be enough for your special day. Here are some great tips on planning a modern Jewish destination wedding.

What is a “destination” wedding?

A “destination” wedding is a wedding that is held 100 or more miles away from where the bride actually resides. That is where a destination wedding can become complicated. However, the desired location is enough to turn the invited guests’ anticipation of the ceremony up about 100 notches.

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to having one of the most memorable ceremonies for you, your new spouse, and your guests.

Choose a Romantic Theme

You anticipate being married in a vineyard setting. That could mean making a beeline for Italy. However, it could also mean a vineyard in California or a posh resort resembling the Mediterranean style. Having a topic as a top priority makes it simpler to contract down choices and share your vision with the organizer.

Minimal Stress Travel

It’s not considerate or fair to ask your guests to spend countless hours traveling to attend your wedding. Make a log of where all of your intended guests are living. Once you’ve made a note of that, then you can start deciding on destinations for your ceremony.

Take Costs Into Careful Consideration

Everyone you invite to the wedding may not be financially stable as you (or they) wish they could be. Be on the lookout for resorts with fluctuating (hopefully lower) rates. You can also opt for other nearby less expensive hotels or resorts. Just do what you can to make everything financially feasible for your guests.

Use a Travel Planner

The advantage of having a travel planner is it frees up your time to plan other aspects of the wedding. It will also be helpful in figuring out who you can/want to invite. He/she will discuss contracts and more viable financial options to fit your budget and needs. The details of the wedding day will actually be handled by your chosen resort’s coordinator.

Greeting Your Guests With Hospitality Bags

It’s always a nice touch to welcome your guests to your ceremony in style. If the budget allows, have a hospitality bag waiting for them. Add bottled water (or 2 bottles), a couple of few salty snacks, and something sweet. Don’t forget to throw in the itinerary of the ceremony as well as driving instructions on how to get there.

Choosing Vendors

You could hire a local Rabbi to perform the ceremony. If you are closely connected with a Rabbi, just ask him to come with. For pay, of course. If you are not very familiar with the Rabbi, have several meetings before the actual ceremony. It could help you feel more at ease with the ceremony.

You should do your due diligence and check the local laws or any other requirements such as paperwork, etc.

Don’t forget about music. Inquire about local DJs in the area. Chances are they (the resort) might already have a disc jockey on payroll, which works out for you at the end of the day.

Be sure to hire a DJ that will play the Top 40 hit tunes or the golden oldies. You may even prefer to have the DJ only play romantic music. If it’s okay with everyone involved, then go for it. After all, this is your day!

Do you and your guests like karaoke? Karaoke is always a hit at parties and it’s hard to find people that actually don’t like it. This should go over well with your guests.

Plan to Eat Local

A good idea would be to plan on having food locally. It doesn’t have to be a mundane setting to be local. The important thing here is entertaining your guests and making sure everyone has options. Your friends and family came a long way to celebrate your day with you!

Show them that it means everything to you by being a good host/hostess. Set up a cocktail bar and a dessert stand. Offer finger foods and little cupcakes to keep your guests busy and mingling.

Good luck and have fun! Oh and by the way…congratulations!