Time to Get Serious About Engaging Millennials


Ah, millennials. One of the greatest mysteries of our time. Even just five years can make the difference between being in or out of the loop, and it’s definitely showing among generations. As the Baby Boomers of the 30s and Gen X seek to adapt to the rapidly changing present, millennials seem to hold the key. But how do you reach out to them? And how do you communicate in a way that’s as effective as it is authentic? 

The answer lies in taking advantage of the tech that rules our world today and using it to connect with millennials in the environment they know best – the Internet. 

Who Are Millennials Anyway?

Millennials are the largest generation to exist. They were all born between 1980 and 1995. There are 88 million of them worldwide and in just a decade’s time will dominate 75 percent of the global workforce. 

They’re some of the most ambitious, educated and driven individuals the world has ever known and the oldest of them only just hit 35. But many of them are also lost and seeking a means to establish themselves in industries unequipped to handle them. That’s why leaders all over the world need to get with the program and truly understand how to engage millennials.

Finding the Right Channels

With so many of them entering the workforce and drifting around, it’s critical that millennials learn from people at the top of their careers. For both the industry and posterity’s sake, knowledge must be transmitted in a manner that is engaging, effective and establishes the type of understanding today’s millennials need to be the leaders of the future. 

That being said, getting in touch with the right millennial candidates requires that leaders understand how their brains work. We aren’t the most patient bunch. We don’t have the time or desire to listen to long-winded lectures and stale, generic pitches. We want people to ditch the robotic corporate jargon and talk to us on a personal level.

That’s why the Internet is the prime place to recruit millennials. Using digital channels like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are guaranteed means of finding a wide millennial audience that’s willing to listen if you’ve got something to say. 

Bringing Millennials to Work

recent survey of hundreds of business leaders from the US, Canada, Australia and India discovered that 87.3 percent of the key Association stakeholders believed that attracting millennials was an increasingly difficult challenge. This was supported by the 94.3 percent of the survey respondents who believed that mentoring should be one of the major focuses when it comes to engaging millennials. 

Today, virtual mentoring is a popular practice that strips the traditional view of a mentorship and replaces face-to-face counsel with virtual equivalents like Skype video calls and meetings on Google Hangouts. One of the advantages of these virtual mentoring programs is that mentors are able to compliment all of their counseling with a slew of handpicked online resources and tools that their students can then use to truly get the most out of their experience. 

The Advantages of Virtual Mentoring

Mentoring is always going to come at a cost, but you can spare your budget by taking a virtual path. Since you’ll be able to utilize your computer and pre-existing Internet connection, the money that you have allocated for the mentorship will be better invested in essential resources and other necessities. 

You’ll also be far more likely to receive a large response when you market a virtual mentorship, not only due to its digital nature but also due to the flexibility and comfort it provides candidates. Even though you’re capable of running a mentorship from your computer, you can still turn a profit by charging mentees a small participation fee. Just make sure there is enough incentive presented in your marketing strategy, otherwise we’ll just move on and save our money.


Mentoring millennials is a pressing need in business today. If you truly want to maximize on the opportunity that millennials present, learn our language. Turning to the digital world will enable you to connect with us millennials in our natural habitat and interact with us in the ways we’re most responsive to. 

Marketing and mentoring to millennials is the number one way to remodel your brand and stay relevant, and the secret behind that lies in some research, patience and willingness to adapt.