How Do You Determine the Health of Your Marriage?


Many of us dream of a long and healthy marriage. But how do you know if your marriage is considered “healthy?”

Because each marriage is different and each couple values different things, it is hard to put a finger on exactly what makes a marriage healthy. The health of a marriage can be found in a number of different things. If you’re looking to determine if you’re in a healthy marriage or not, consider these possible indicators of a strong and healthy marriage.

1. You handle the bad times just as well as the good.

There is no such thing as a marriage without bad times. When you’re spending your life with someone else, things can happen that cause disagreements or hurdles in your marriage. A strong marriage isn’t measured by the absence of bad times, it’s all about how you handle them. If you approach the bad times as a team, determined to get through it, you probably have a healthy marriage.

2. You enjoy being around each other.

As a married couple, you spend a lot of time together. If you enjoy being next to one another and look forward to the time you share, you probably have a strong and healthy marriage. While it is normal to occasionally want some time apart, if you dread coming home to see your spouse, you may need to do some difficult thinking about your marriage.

3. You’re still having fun.

You should never stop having fun in a marriage. It is easy to grow tired of someone or become annoyed when you’re always around them, but when you focus on having fun, doing new things, and going on dates, you keep the marriage alive and exciting. If you and your spouse are always looking for new things to do in your city or new places to visit, you probably have a strong marriage. Other couples have just as much fun staying home renting movies, playing games, or just spending time together, which are all qualities of a strong marriage.

4. You work as a team.

A marriage is all about teamwork. While you and your spouse may decide that certain jobs are reserved for one or the other – the husband may have to kill the spiders while the wife is in charge of cooking dinner – teamwork is all about working towards one goal. If you can complete your separate jobs while remembering that each party is doing their job to ensure the house is clean, the children are taken care of, and there is food on the table, you could have a strong marriage.

5. You’re reaching your goals.

Some people believe that getting married means you need to put your life on hold. You’re no longer independent, which means you are not completely free to make decisions, accept jobs, or move to new cities. But in a strong marriage, you shouldn’t feel as if you are held back. You should feel supported and encouraged to go after your dreams with even more intensity. If you and your spouse are still working hard for your goals, you could have a strong marriage.

6. You feel happy.

When it comes down to it, feeling happy is one of the biggest indicators that you are in a healthy relationship. The desire to stay happy is what drives them to be with their spouse, to complete necessary tasks, and to encourage their husband or wife to keep moving forward toward their goals. In these situations, feelings are what shows a happy marriage.

These are just a few options of what a healthy marriage could mean to you. While some people may put a focus on happiness, others may think achieving goals and finding success together are what drives them towards as happy marriage. You may even find that your spouse has a different idea of a happy, healthy marriage. In this situation, you should create a compromise that allows both ideas to be recognized. After all, marriage is all about compromising and doing what you can to make your loved one happy!

There is no right or wrong identifier in determining if a marriage is healthy, but understanding what your overall goal for a happy marriage is can help you and your spouse reach there.