11 Common Problems that Marriage Counselors Can Help With


When we first think of visiting a marriage counselor, our mind almost automatically goes to the thought of saving a crumbling marriage. But while a marriage counselor can help in that area, they can do so much more for couples and their families.

Here are 11 areas that a marriage counselor can help you with, including some you may not had thought of before.

1. Remarriage

Blending families can be a struggle, especially when you and your new spouse both have children from a previous marriage or relationship. If you are struggling to bring your family together or you just believe that talking to a professional could make things run a bit more smoothly, a marriage counselor can help.

2. Grief

When a couple loses a child or other person close to them, it isn’t common for the grief to tear the relationship apart. When both parties of the relationship forget to view the other as a support system, they begin to fight, blame, and lash out at one another. A marriage counselor can help them to channel their grief in a better direction and to learn to help one another through the pain.

3. Family Problems

Many families have problems that can be difficult to get under control. Whether a member of a relationship comes from a difficult background that is influencing how they act in the marriage of an in-law is interfering far beyond their boundaries, a marriage counselor can walk a couple through different family problems.

4. Changes in Physical Health

When a major physical health change comes into a marriage, it can be scary, confusing, and stressful. On top of fighting the condition, you’re also left wondering how you can support your loved one. A marriage counselor can help you remember to focus on the illness and work around the major life changes that comes with it.

5. Disagreement in Parenting Style

When everyone thinks they have the right idea for parenting, it can cause additional fights and disagreements. While a marriage counselor isn’t going to tell you how to raise your kids, they can help you work through the different strategies to create a philosophy that works for both parties.

6. Lifestyle Changes

If you and your spouse are moving, thinking about creating a family, or making a large career move, a marriage counselor can walk you through the changes and ensure you are fully prepared.

7. Infidelity

If you or your spouse have had an affair, a marriage counselor can help you to repair the marriage bonds and overcome any issues that have come because of the affair. Additionally, a marriage counselor can help the party who had an affair understand why they made that choice and what changes they can make.

8. Addiction

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling or any other kind of addiction, it isn’t uncommon for an addition to create a wedge in a marriage. A marriage counselor can help over come the addiction and keep the couple aware that they ware a team who should tackle the problem together.

9. Mental Health

Mental health comes in many forms, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or even eating disorders. In many ways, these mental health conditions can come between partners in a relationship. A marriage counselor can help overcome those mental health problems as well as talk to the other party abut what they can do to help their loved one.

10. Problems in Communication

Not properly talking about issues can be one of the biggest problems in relationships and marriages. A marriage counselor can help talk about difficult issues in an effective and productive way and they can help in mitigate any complications or fights that may arise. They can also teach the couples that they work with how to talk about things on their own without the help of the marriage counselor.

11. Lack of Love

The longer you’re with someone, the more likely you are to grow bored. With a marriage counselor, they can help to rekindle the spark that you felt in the first place and get to the root of why you may have lost sight of how much you really do love each other.

Seeing a marriage couple isn’t just for relationships on the rocks. If you’re serious about keeping your relationship strong and productive, a marriage counselor can help you through all major life changes.