About Marc Firestone

YhhfTODEMarc Firestone is a Los Angeles based life insurance professional. He is best described as a man who is in constant pursuit of peace and knowledge, and his faith plays a large role in his life. He was raised in West LA in a secular Jewish home. As Marc Firestone Life Insurance grew older, he began to questions that success and happiness were derived from hard work and earthly possessions. Instead of outright rejecting these principals and resigning himself to a life of cynicism, he began to dig deeper. His college years were particularly formative; he met a professor who ultimately changed the way he looked at life. After being introduced to the concept of life after death, he began a personal Odyssey to get in touch with his Jewish roots.

Marc Firestone Life Insurance has a friend, Richard Horowitz Life Insurance, who introduced him to the Life Insurance business, because he felt it would fit in line with a Jewish lifestyle. Marc’s skillset of making the complicated concepts easy to understand led him to success, and he has proven himself as a perfect fit. He likes to be honest and transparent, believing it to be the key to building good professional relationships.

In a time when many Americans are losing their religion, Marc Firestone found his. Over time, he became a student of Judaism in an effort to get more meaning out of life. Prior to his work in life insurance, Marc was a CPA. His work brought him into close contact with rich and famous celebrities, but he noticed something many of us don’t. While the media may glamorize their lifestyles and make their image the stuff of envy, many of these celebrities often led unhappy lives. That only begged the question: is all of that worldly attention actually what makes a person successful? Is it worth it?

During a class on Judaism, Marc Firestone Life Insurance met an intelligent Rabbi who fielded his many difficult questions. Always encouraged to continue digging deeper, Marc read and studied many Jewish texts. He began dating a Jewish woman, and eventually made a list of questions related to Judaism and Jerusalem that needed answering.

Marc’s path to faith led him to become involved with Project Inspire, a program that introduces non-religious Jews to Orthodox Judaism.